Save BIG with your existing cellphone technology

Fax MachineFax: Unless you’re a law office, the fact is, most of us really don’t need a fax that often anymore. But, when we need it, we need it. While there are numerous free faxing services to send faxes, we found just one that gives you a free phone number and excellent incoming fax service. The product is eFax, and it’s free (don’t lose this link, it is very difficult to find). eFax won the PC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award for 2011. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason eFax did not offer outgoing fax service, free or paid, without a subscription at the time of this writing. We found a few free fax services for sending faxes, but most had limits on the number of pages and/or just weren’t polished products. As our fax use is very limited, and the fact that we could use our Skype Account to pay the .12¢ per page fee associated with free accounts, we elected to use PamFax for our outgoing fax requirements. This solution, after years of use, has proven to be a far better way to handle faxes: we receive them via email and can send them in a variety of ways which include an editor, word processor, scanner, or virtually any application that can print, and our yearly cost is well under $5.00.

Armed And DangerousYou are now armed and dangerous (to your cell provider): We have hopefully provided you with the information you will need to make the right decisions on the communication system that is right for you. Start saving big and start enjoying the powerful extended services and features from your smart phone, home phone, fax and computers. Below we have provided you with step by step instructions and the information you will need to set up the perfect phone system that is just right, for you.

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  1. January 4, 2015

    […] interest in these phones and their included Internet service. We mentioned them in our article on saving money with MiFi over cellular service, and how they can fill the gap for RVers who want to go up to Northern Canada and Alaska, or south […]

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