Monthly Archive: January 2015

Globalstar WiFi 1

GlobalStar: Satellite Phone & “SatFi” Hotspot

GlobalStar, the producer of the world’s best known Satellite phone, has clearly transformed itself since 2002, when we purchased our first sat-phone for our Baja to Alaska trip. Let’s start off with the basics:...

1977 Dodge Establishment 0

Restoring A Vintage RV

We watched with amazement as a retired professional automotive restorer created a new 1977 Dodge Establishment Motorhome. The roof had more leaks than a shower head, the interior looked more like splinters than paneling...

Inuvik, NW Territories 0

From Baja to Inuvik

We took an amazing trip that lasted 3 1/2 months. Starting from our home in Baja, and up to the Northernmost town in Canada, Inuvik.

Camping with Two Great Danes 1

Camping With Two Great Danes!

Now what do you do when you need a motor home small enough to get into those great camping spots in National Parks AND you have two Great Danes? With our 1977 Dodge Establishment...