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Imperial Dam LTVA 4

LTVA: Long Term Visitors Area

Note: This article has been updated May 28, 2017 to reflect the recent changes to the BLM’s Northern California campgrounds managed by the Bishop Field Office. Additionally, the BLM website,, has been updated...

Globalstar WiFi 1

GlobalStar: Satellite Phone & “SatFi” Hotspot

GlobalStar, the producer of the world’s best known Satellite phone, has clearly transformed itself since 2002, when we purchased our first sat-phone for our Baja to Alaska trip. Let’s start off with the basics:...

1977 Dodge Establishment 0

Restoring A Vintage RV

We watched with amazement as a retired professional automotive restorer created a new 1977 Dodge Establishment Motorhome. The roof had more leaks than a shower head, the interior looked more like splinters than paneling...

Inuvik, NW Territories 0

From Baja to Inuvik

We took an amazing trip that lasted 3 1/2 months. Starting from our home in Baja, and up to the Northernmost town in Canada, Inuvik.

Camping with Two Great Danes 1

Camping With Two Great Danes!

Now what do you do when you need a motor home small enough to get into those great camping spots in National Parks AND you have two Great Danes? With our 1977 Dodge Establishment...